The Maltings

Accommodation – it is always going to be a main talking point at uni. The pay, the facilities, the people – it plays a big part in your life at university, there is no doubt about it. Therefore it is important to make the right choice as to where you want to live through the academic year.

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Social Media and Politics 1/2


How have social media changed politics and the relation between politics and the public?

The emergence of social media has been huge – it now holds a prominent place in society, with seemingly everything having some form of involvement with social media. Whether it’s the ability to tweet your opinion of a TV programme under a show-specific hashtag or advertising campaigns actively encouraging engagement on social networks – the platform is huge.

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The Freedom of Information Act 2000

jeremy heywood

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act), which has given us important stories such as the MPs’ expenses scandal of 2009, is currently being reviewed by a government commission. The commission is being chaired by Sir Jeremy Heywood, Britain’s top civil servant and a well-known critic of the Act. His goal is to limit it, and so has set up a commission to review it and potentially identify “improvements” that could be made to the Act.

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